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Los Angeles Mandamus Litigation Attorney

Taking Action to Get Your Immigration Petition Approved

When U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) unreasonably delays an immigration petition, or it fails to respond in a timely manner, you can try to spur movement by filing a writ of mandamus petition. In this type of action, you are asking the court not to rule on the original merits of the petition, but to force USCIS to make a decision.

At Sarian Law Group, APLC, we can file writs of mandamus on behalf of clients in all types of immigration petitions (except naturalization petitions). Writs of mandamus are especially useful when a permanent residency (green card) or adjustment of status petition is stalled. If your naturalization petition is stalled, we can undertake 1447(B) litigation on your behalf.

Contact Sarian Law Group, APLC, today for a consultation about a stalled immigration matter.

Nationwide Writ of Mandamus Lawyer

Artem M. Sarian, an experienced immigration lawyer, serves clients throughout California and across the country. Mr. Sarian can review your situation and discuss your legal options.

Due to changes in immigration law, petitioners are forced to exhaust their administrative remedies before seeking injunctive relief in some matters. Before you run out of options, talk with Artem M. Sarian.

A Powerful Tool to Spur Action

A writ of mandamus is only a first step toward getting an immigration petition approved. But once it is issued, USCIS will be compelled to respond. Often, the issuance of a writ will in itself spur USCIS to approve a petition. If necessary, Sarian Law Group, APLC, will undertake further action, including the filing of briefs or entering into negotiations with USCIS in order to achieve results for you.

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